Treatments for a Better Smile: Overcoming Thumb Sucking

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Are you aware of the risks and problems associated with thumb sucking in young children? Several oral health risks and problems can arise if your child routinely sucks their thumbs. Ideally, you will need to break the habit as soon as possible to ensure our child’s oral health can thrive for many decades to come.

If your child is routinely sucking their thumbs, they could be at an increased risk for changes in the shape of their mouths as well as alterations in the alignment of their teeth and the proper growth of their permanent teeth. Always make sure to stop a child from thumb sucking habits by the time they are four years old, as to avoid damage to their adult teeth.

As an alternative, it may be a good idea to wean your child off thumb sucking and pacifiers. Because pacifiers may help lower your child’s risk for a condition known as sudden infant death syndrome, it may be more beneficial to switch your child onto pacifiers until the habit can be broken. Furthermore, it is an easier habit to break in most children. Due to the risk of bacteria associated with pacifiers, make sure they are always sanitized to prevent new bacteria from entering your child’s mouth.

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