These Tips Can Help Your Child Make Flossing a Habit

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Flossing is a vital part of properly cleaning your mouth and achieving excellent dental health, but if your child doesn’t understand the significance of flossing, we want to help! Our team can help you motivate your child to develop effective flossing habits with the following tips:

Be an Example
Lead by example by letting your observe your own flossing before you clean between some of their teeth. Then, allow them them to floss while you observe, making sure they are gentle when cleaning the gum line.

Praise Good Habits
Let your child know how proud you are when they floss, and consider using a reward system if needed. This may involve using a favorite toy or treat if they floss every day for a week or so.

Find Kid-Friendly Floss Products
Flossing can be more fun with flossing products that your child has picked out. Many child floss products can display superheros or cartoon characters.

These tips can help your child make flossing a priority, but if you have further questions or need to speak with Dr. Casey Johnson, our dentist, please call All Kids Dental Pediatrics & Orthodontics at 970-928-9500 and schedule an appointment as soon as you can. We would be happy to provide assistance and service!