The Signs that Mean You Should Replace Your Child’s Toothbrush

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Do you ever wonder when it’s the best time to replace your child’s cute little toothbrush? If so, your dentist, Dr. Casey Johnson, and pediatric dental team are more than happy to help you! You should replace your child’s toothbrush:

-After 3-4 months: After 3-4 months of wear and tear, the toothbrush is no longer effective at removing plaque from the teeth and gums compared to new toothbrushes, according to recent studies. Also, your child’s toothbrush tends to harbor germs and bacteria, so it’s best to replace the brush so your child is not vulnerable to those harmful substances.

-When the bristles are frayed: If the bristles are worn out or frayed, it’s best to replace the brush. If the bristles are not in tip-top condition, they won’t properly clean the smile and they could also harm your child’s gums.

-After they’ve been sick: If your child has been sick, it’s very important to replace their toothbrush. If you don’t, the germs and bacteria will live in your child’s brush and will increase your child’s chances of being reinfected.

These are the same tips to use when replacing a regular toothbrush, so make sure you replace your brush at the necessary times as well! For more tips and information on when to replace your toothbrush in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, please call our office at 970-928-9500 and talk to a member of our friendly All Kids Dental Pediatrics & Orthodontics team. We will be thrilled to help you!