The Purpose of Dental Sealants for Back Teeth

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Do you know the purpose of dental sealants and how they can benefit your smile? Dental sealants are incredible preventive dentistry treatments that use a specialized gel coating to protect your vulnerable back teeth. Although your teeth are already covered by your natural tooth enamel layer, this substance can be easily damaged by tooth decay and harmful acids. However, the acids in your smile can’t affect your dental sealants or the tooth enamel underneath.

Dental sealants can be beneficial for all ages, but are typically recommended for children about age of six, who are receiving their first adult molars. By protecting the chewing surfaces of the molars of children, we can decrease the risk of cavities as much as three times just by placing dental sealants, according to a study performed by the Center for Disease Control.

Separate studies performed by dental professionals have estimated that dental sealants decrease cavity risk up to 80%, and can effectively protect the teeth for a decade or more before repairs or replacements are needed. Because the material for dental sealants is clear, it’s very easy for our dentist to determine if the dental sealants are in good shape or require a second application.

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