At All Kids Dental Pediatrics & Orthodontics, we realize that some children are nervous or anxious about dental work. This is why sedation is an important and useful tool at our offices. Sedation dentistry in Glenwood Springs, Rifle, and Eagle, Colorado, can often be the thing that makes the difference in creating a relaxing environment for the patient, parent, and dentists, so that a negative experience can be avoided.

Depending on the patient’s dental needs, age, and behavior, Drs. Allen, Gina, Meghan will choose the type of sedation to achieve successful and comfortable treatment. Visit the pages below for descriptions of the sedation options that are available at All Kids Dental Pediatrics & Orthodontics. If one of these sedation options is recommended for your child, our dentists will answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have before the sedation appointment is scheduled.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas, is administered through a small breathing mask. Nitrous oxide helps the patient relax.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation (also called conscious sedation) is often recommended for apprehensive children, children with special needs, and very young children. Our dentists will prescribe the medication best suited for your child’s overall health dental treatment.

Hospital Dentistry

General anesthesia is performed in a hospital or outpatient setting. This type of sedation may be suggested for apprehensive children, very young children, and children with special needs that would not work well with oral sedation.