Retainer for Life Insurance Program

Regularly using a retainer after orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign® treatment, is one of the best ways to maintain your results. Unfortunately, it is all too common for patients to accidentally break or lose their retainers. With our Retainer for Life insurance program, replacing your retainer is easy! Call All Kids Dental Pediatrics and Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment with our orthodontist, Dr. Casey Johnson, and learn more about replacing retainers in Aspen, Colorado.

Retainer For Life Insurance Program

Retainers are an important part of maintaining your new smile. When it comes to broken retainers, we have heard ALL the stories!

“My dog ate it!”
“I lost it.”
“I left it at practice.”
“I threw it away with my lunch.”

Replacement retainer fees can exceed $200 a retainer without insurance. Ouch! Our Retainer for Life program can put your mind at ease and save you money.

The Retainer For Life program offers two options at $600:

  • Option 1: Purchase your Retainer for Life insurance at the start of your treatment. Price can be included in your orthodontics financing plan.
  • Option 2: Purchase your Retainer for Life insurance at later date (no financing available).

Lost your retainer and have a great story? We would love to hear about it!