Treatments for a Better Smile: Overcoming Thumb Sucking

Are you aware of the risks and problems associated with thumb sucking in young children? Several oral health risks and problems can arise if your child routinely sucks their thumbs. Ideally, you will need to break the habit as soon as possible to ensure our child’s oral health can thrive for many decades to come…. Read more »

Avoiding Cavities in your Kids’ Smiles

If a young child gets a cavity, what’s the big deal? After all, that tooth is just going to fall out and be replaced by an adult tooth soon enough, right? Well, that’s true, but there are two reasons why you’d want to work to prevent cavities in your kids. First is that a cavity… Read more »

How to Have a Good Easter With Aligners

Do you want to have a good Easter this year? If so, then you need to keep your orthodontic aligners in tip-top shape. The more you care for your aligners, the reduced chance you’ll have of running into any problems. You can also stay on track toward your perfect smile! So, our orthodontist, Dr. Casey… Read more »

The Purpose of Dental Sealants for Back Teeth

Do you know the purpose of dental sealants and how they can benefit your smile? Dental sealants are incredible preventive dentistry treatments that use a specialized gel coating to protect your vulnerable back teeth. Although your teeth are already covered by your natural tooth enamel layer, this substance can be easily damaged by tooth decay… Read more »

These Tips Can Help Your Child Make Flossing a Habit

Flossing is a vital part of properly cleaning your mouth and achieving excellent dental health, but if your child doesn’t understand the significance of flossing, we want to help! Our team can help you motivate your child to develop effective flossing habits with the following tips: Be an Example Lead by example by letting your… Read more »

How to Help Your Child Have a Strong Smile

If you want your child to have a strong and healthy smile, then there are things you need to do regularly. These things can help your child have the top-notch teeth and gums they need to chew, eat, and talk properly. They can also help your child have an attractive smile. Our pediatric dentists are… Read more »

Orthodontic Appliances Overview

An oral or orthodontic appliance is any tool utilized to keep your chompers aligned correctly, and these apparatuses can be fitted to be fixed or removable, seated inside or outside of the mouth. Here’s a brief rundown of the different kinds of oral and orthodontic appliances practitioners use: – Braces come in numerous kinds. Traditional… Read more »

The Teething Timeline of Your Child

You may be wondering if your child’s teeth are developing properly. While every child’s smile is different, there are a few general rules you can expect your child to follow. Your little one will probably start getting their baby teeth between the age of six and ten months. Their last tooth should erupt before they’re… Read more »

Breastfeeding is Amazing for Your Baby’s Oral Health

The nutrients in breastmilk are specifically designed to help your baby fight disease. It even reduces long-term health threats like asthma, ear infections, SIDS and obesity. But here’s something particularly fascinating to us at : there is solid evidence that breastfeeding improves your child’s oral health. Your baby is typically born with their all of… Read more »

Visit Your Pediatrician Today for Your Child’s Dental Exam!

There are many things you can count on from our team here at Dr. ’s dental clinic in , . We specialize in developing healthier teeth by cooperating with your child’s mouth size by using smaller, adjusted dental equipment, explicitly designed for their comfortability and creating a less intimidating experience. This equipment provides a comfortable… Read more »