How to Help Your Child Have a Strong Smile

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If you want your child to have a strong and healthy smile, then there are things you need to do regularly. These things can help your child have the top-notch teeth and gums they need to chew, eat, and talk properly. They can also help your child have an attractive smile. Our pediatric dentists are happy to list the things you should do so you can help your child’s smile. Those things are:

-Clean their teeth and gums regularly (All you need to do is brush their teeth twice a day and floss their teeth and gumline once a day. When you brush, use a soft-bristled toothbrush that is child sized. If your child is older than 2 years old, use fluoride toothpaste)

-Make sure they attend their six-month checkups (This is important because the checkups deeply clean their teeth, examine for dental issues, and even help your child feel calm and confident in the dental chair, especially if you bring them in at an early age.)

-Cover their teeth with dental sealants (Dental sealants are thin shells that are placed over the teeth. They protect the enamel from bacteria and acid that cause tooth decay and enamel erosion.)

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