Helpful Cleaning Tips for Orthodontic Braces

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Did you know that orthodontic braces require a fair amount of cleaning and care to ensure they are working properly? Similar to a car, braces must be constantly checked to ensure they are functioning properly. If you let your braces fall into disrepair, they can drastically increase your recovery time.

One of the best ways to keep your braces safe and clean is to always wear protective guards when partaking in any high-risk activities, including contact sports. This is important because braces are not shields for your teeth, as they neither seek to defend your teeth from harm nor are they indestructible. If you should break your braces, do not attempt to fix them yourselves. Visit your orthodontist as soon as you can.

To keep your mouth free of contamination, continue to practice safe and effective brushing and flossing daily habits, switching to alternative methods if traditional tools such as dental floss cannot be used. Other tools include using tools such as water flossers or mouthwash to assist in your daily dental care. Don’t forget to remove and clean your retainer weekly as well, or more often if necessary.

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