CasePresenter Orthodontics is helping dental providers around the world improve care by helping patients conceptualize treatment options and understand orthodontic procedures. It is a presentation software program that features over 1,600 movies and animations. When any of our patients have a question about our treatment options or proposed service, we are happy to show them more about the treatment using CasePresenter. CasePresenter has made it easier than ever for Dr. Johnson, Dr. Burt, and Dr. Allen to effectively communicate with our patients on issues regarding orthodontic procedures and dental conditions.

CasePresenter Orthodontics is one more way we help our patients have a smooth and positive experience each time they visit All Kids Dental Pediatrics & Orthodontics. We are pleased to feature the latest in dental technology and innovation, including CasePresenter in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We look forward to helping you reach the goals you have for your smile and providing you and your family with the individualized, quality treatment you deserve! Please give us a call today if you have any questions and to schedule your next appointment with our caring dentists! We look forward to helping you find the services you need to reach your goals and to achieve the beautiful, straight smile you have always wanted.