Breastfeeding is Amazing for Your Baby’s Oral Health

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The nutrients in breastmilk are specifically designed to help your baby fight disease. It even reduces long-term health threats like asthma, ear infections, SIDS and obesity. But here’s something particularly fascinating to us at All Kids Dental Pediatrics & Orthodontics: there is solid evidence that breastfeeding improves your child’s oral health.

Your baby is typically born with their all of their primary teeth. They are just veiled beneath the gumline. But the teeth can still be influenced by what goes into the mouth.

Recent studies have reported that babies that were soley breastfed for their first six months were less likely to develop teeth alignment issues. Breast milk can also diminish the chance of baby bottle tooth decay. This condition is created when parents give sugary drinks, milk or formula to a child before bed. The bottle often stays in their mouth and affects the state of their teeth while they are asleep. Your baby can still get cavities from breastfeeding, but the chances of tooth decay are greatly diminished.

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